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PinePhone UBports edition


The PinePhone is in my opinion a great phone! 
If you want a linux smartphone with good battery life and a good display, I think this is the perfect phone for you!

But from the beginning. I wasn't expecting much when I ordered it, but it suprised me. I really like the phone. The fact that I can switch off Wifi/ camera etc. is really nice. 
I never thought I could do so much with it.
Ubuntu touch is a really good operating system for Linux smartphones. Even if some optimization is still missing, it feels very smooth and fast. 

After I ordered it, it took some time to arrive. The customer service of Pine64 is very nice and helpful.
A friend of mine had received his PinePhone with a crack on the power button, he contacted Pine64 and the support sent him a new backcover. 


The PinePhone is very well manufactured. It has no sharp edges, and lies very well in the hand.
The screen brightness is good, you can see everything in the dark and in the light. 

After the first take in hand is striking, insanely solid and large. Yes, big, the PinePhone is a bit bigger than my iPhone XR, so it's a bit big :D. 

After using the PinePhone as my main smartphone for a week, I was able to do almost everything with it.
Calls work very well, SMS, Telegram etc. too.
I personally like the design of the PinePhone.
the plastic is very durable and it has survived the one or other drop test :D.
It has 2GB of RAM and 16GB emmc storage. 

Should you buy the PinePhone as replacement for your iOS or Android device?

I mean, the PinePhone is good, and Ubuntu Touch is very good too. But it still needs some time until it is finished. 
I was able to use most features I need. But i wasn't able to use WhatsApp etc. 
And things like that are the biggest problems in my opinion. 
But if you're interested in a Linux smartphone then I recommend you buying the PinePhone. 
If you want to use it as your daily driver, I recommend you to stay with your current phone.
But keep in mind that its not done yet ;) 

Did we made a mistake or forgot to say something? 
Please let us know!